Entry #39

New Music & Projects

2010-06-24 18:02:44 by atomic-noodle

I haven't been around in a looooong time. Its prolly a bunch of new users here that don't know me by anyway..but whatever.

I've been working on producing music for albums and mixtapes for local artists (Inglewood) and generally advancing on my career path. Recently, I produced an album, Soul Therapy, and sold it people around my city and school. It's gotten pretty good feedback, so you check it out: Soul Therapy By JediSoul

Also, i've been working with a local rapper named Wizz TheJet on his mixtape (i'm working as the engineer & producer of a few tracks..). We have 5 done so far, and one single (which is uploaded on NG but you can check it out on my bandcamp account too.

But yeah, I'm graduating from high school today too..I feel like an old man. I remember coming here in 7th grade lol


New Music & Projects


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